Sunday, May 28, 2006

For The Record

Dear Reader,

Further to Mr. Hamilton's point, and by his leave, allow me to address the concern that future articles posted to this blog may be received, by cynics and detractors, with a certain indignant attitude and an indictment of pessimism leveled against us in response....

You may have guessed, dear reader, that the contributors here are working on something behind the scenes; something that by its very nature is somewhat controversial. And you would be correct in that determination, which is the reason, of course, for Mr. Hamilton's preemptive defense of our positions against attacks that are likely, very likely, forthcoming. That's just the nature of the beast....the thin-skinned among us are easily offended, and generally speaking, people firmly attached to an idea aren't easily persuaded to change their opinions for any number of reasons not altogether virtuous, but not altogether lascivious either. I for one wouldn't have it any other way! Nor would my brothers, I suspect.

It would be pretty presumptive on our parts (something we all despise about human nature in general) to assign a particular reason - virtue or lasciviousness - to a particular view simply based solely or largely on the view itself, which amounts to speculation founded on the available evidence which is generally very incomplete, and often easily misread. People make this mistake all the time in their approach to government, science, education, whatever....we strive not to, and hold one-another accountable whenever necessary. We welcome the opportunity to defend against such unfounded notions as they come, in any case. But a preemptive strike against a foe when you know an attack is coming is indeed a wise and prudent measure....for the well as to avoid unnecessary and meaningless debate. Just remember, the loudness of their invectives is of no meaningful consequence other than to give yet another clue as to their motives, allowing them to place themselves squarely in their respective camps - cynics and detractors - as Mr. Hamilton wisely, and insightfully termed it.

Mr. Hamilton is absolutely correct when he states: "nothing could be further from the truth." Indeed, so far from the truth of the matter would be such an accusation, if and when it is received, that in reality it is the accuser indicting his own pessimistic attitude toward the American People, which such an individual simply can't help but make abundantly clear in his attacks....mark my words. As proof of the fact I offer, preemptively, one irrefutable piece of evidence which was at inception of this group and this blog, is now, and will continually be reinforced from this day forward....It is THE PEOPLE of the United States, the American People to whom this blog is; to whom our efforts are dedicated, and to none other. That is proof enough, from my perspective, that the contributing members here place a great deal of emphasis on the "genius and intelligence" of the American Public when the evidence, all the evidence, is laid before them in a reasonable, thoughtful manner. Beyond that you will find that we put very little, if any, faith in the ability of government, external government, to effect the ends we seek by means that often stand in opposition to, if not war directly against, historical American exceptionalism. Simply stated, it is "self-government," on an individual basis and level which we firmly believe is the only saving grace for a nation founded on liberty....the fate of this republic depends on that, and that alone, when you boil it all down. And if we thought you, the readership, couldn't grasp the concept, nor acknowledge, accept, and handle the responsibility that naturally comes with it, we wouldn't be writing to you as we speak. No; we'd likely be seeking a place of refuge from the wrath of the Author of Liberty, or preparing ourselves to receive the chains that such an approach would ultimately necessitate. And when you ask the question of yourself: "what do they stand to gain in addressing the citizens of America; in challenging their ideas and notions directly?" the answer is fairly obvious, isn't it?

In short, my friends, it is up to us - you and me - average Americans to effect the changes necessary to "renew this republic." I can't think of a single reason why we can't do it, and a host of reasons why we can, and will. As Dad used to say: "can't never could do nothin'." That, my friends, is pure optimism, and there's nothing unrealistic about it, unless your "realism," teaches you that "I can't" is the general attitude that founded and built this great nation, which is about as true as the notion that multiple worldviews share equally in the ideals which produced "American Exceptionalism." It may not be P.C. to state it otherwise, but we ain't here to be P.C. anymore than we're here to be party to the propagation of false notions.

~Daniel Webster

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