Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day 2006

Just wanted to make a quick post wishing everyone a Happy Memorial Day. Remember to say a prayer for all of our service men and women who have gone on to be with our heavenly Father, those who have served and made it home to their families, and those serving us today, standing in harm's way to protect our Liberty. God Bless those brave men and women!

Daniel Webster Adds:

Amen, brother Hamilton. I'm a little late, but nonetheless....

To all you family members of military members currently deployed in the "sandbox," stateside awaiting deployment, or who have already served one or more tours of duty in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., God Bless You and keep you, dear Patriots! As my brothers well know I have a Marine nephew, with whom I'm very close, who served two tours in Iraq - the first of which included the invasion itself. So I understand completely and utterly the roller-coaster ride accompanying deployment, the safe return home, a second and third deployment, and so on. And I don't take kindly to disparaging remarks about our service members, the idea that they serve because they have no other options, and stupidity such as that, by the way.

For the record my family has been and is blessed with a rich heritage of military service, and one of my fondest memories to date is that of helping Dad and Sis organize a welcome home parade for our Marine in his rural hometown following his deployment with the invasionary forces. Our Marine returned home unscathed physically on both deployments, but I shall never forget the day I happened to catch him online, while deployed, and he related the news that he and his comrades had lost their entire chain of command to an I.E.D. while on patrol. Sis and I made all the arrangements that many of you have - acquired a passport, tucked away a few bucks, made mental preparations and so on - for what we knew was certainly a possibility. Thankfully we never had to use it, and thank the Lord our God that we've always had Him to lean on during such trials and tribulations! Where would we be without our faith; without our God? I shudder to think!

Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

~Daniel Webster