Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Our Buddy Cap

Has this ever happened to you? No sooner do you think you've got something figured out than you realize that 1) you don't, in fact, have it figured out and 2) it's not about you, or up to you to determine... well, anything.

Cryptic sounding I know, but our friend Cap is bowing out of the AFB, no sooner than I got the dang thing up and running. As I think you know, faithful reader, we've been collaborating now and again for a few months on how to save the Republic.

Cap (not his real name, obviously) is a sharp dude. He's introduced me to a lot of ideas that have challenged my way of thinking, and shared with me a couple of old French thinkers (Bastiat and Boetie, look 'em up, people) that, quite disconcertingly, has made me re-think my dislike of the French. Now, THAT is an accomplishment folks. If you detect a libertarian streak in me now and again, you can attribute that to the man.

We had our share of disagreements, laughs, and thoughtful debates. On more than one occasion I opened my mouth and said something stupid or just entered the ring half-witted and ended up looking the fool. Boy, do I regret those moments. Such things will happen to you if you're a flyweight stepping into the squared circle with a heavy. We also got to know a lot about each other, personally, and this is guy who is among the finest individuals I've had the pleasure of meeting.

Cap has this love of knowledge, history and particularly philosophy - stuff that makes my head hurt just thinking about it. Although he's not going to be a contributor here, you bet your sweet bippy (and where did I get that phrase from?) I'm going to be crossing my i's and dotting my t's... or something... so I don't post something one day and have it torn from aft to stern by a "visitor" to the blog. You hear me, Cap? I'm looking over my shoulder.

So heads up folks, Cap's flying solo. God bless ya, Cap. I hope you find what you're looking for, brother.


Call Me Mom said...

Well, now I see where you've been spending your time when your not at FPP. Good to know, I'll add it to my favorites. :)

Daniel Webster said...

Mom, good t'see ya here!

Lemme tell ya, you've raised a few eyebrows amongst this group in the FPB on several occasions. And I think I speak for the group of us when I say we hope you'll offer one perspective that none of us is, or ever will be, qualified to offer - that of a Patriot Woman.

From one homeschooler to another, God Bless you, and Welcome!

~Daniel Webster

The Monarchist said...

Hi Mom! Stop by and visit again... I hope you'll see something you like here.

Call Me Mom said...

Thanks for the warm welcome. :)