Thursday, May 04, 2006

Back to the Past

So, there's a ton of background that hasn't been covered that probably should be, if for no other reason, faithful reader, than you might be wondering how this all transpired.

As I alluded to in a prior post, there was an awakening that happened in the wake of the Supreme Court's Kelo decision (see my post entitled "In the Beginning..."). For a few months, a small handful of like-minded conservatives had been discussing the world's problems and how we'd solve them. By the grace of God, I am convinced, this small group of us met, who shared common interests and a mutual desire to effect change in whatever way we could.

So, like any new relationship, we got to know each other. Sam, who is posting here now, was the first person to respond to my call for action. Briefly, about the pen-names... none of us are disguising ourselves for any reason except to - for now - avoid drawing attention to ourselves or the ones we love. The internet can be a tricky thing. For all the good that it enables, there's also plenty of bad (that should win me some sort of award... "Master of the Obvious" perhaps?). A friend of mine recently sent me a posting of something I wrote maybe a year ago on a message board, back when I was posting under my given name. Just for kicks, he searched by my name and there was the link. Now there's nothing wrong with that, I suppose, except... well, you never know who might be looking for you, or who might have less than pure motives for tracking you down, based on something as innocuous as stating your opinion on an issue.

Make sense? Good. OK, where was I? Oh, yeah, Sam was the first to answer the call. My good friend in Oklahoma was next (who hasn't been introduced to the blog yet, but be patient!), and a little later, our fellow conservative from Kentucky. Over a period of a few months, we wrote each other regularly, often generating ideas, often debating, often just learning more about each other and our families. I'm proud to call these guys brothers; they represent everything that I still think is great about this Republic.

We've come to a point, however, in our mutual growth, where we're entering a new phase. We all agree that education is one half of the equation, one half of the effort required to renew this Republic. That education is going to involve adults and children; adults, because somewhere along the way, people stopped being taught about the principles of self-government, the very foundation upon which a republic must stand, and without which a republic such as ours will surely fall, and children, because they are the future citizens of this Republic, and if we don't educate our children properly, any gains we make in renewing this Republic will simply be undone in a generation or two.

And sadly, I'm also of the opinion (and I won't speak for my brothers here, although I rightly could) that conservatives need a different vehicle for accomplishing their goals. The GOP seems to have lost whatever special quality it had in the brief but brilliant Reagan years, and has become merely a shade to the right of the Democrat Party. Who in turn is just a shade to the right of socialism.

So, as this blog discusses American Federalism, know that one of the things we must be prepared to do is make a break; to start anew under our own conservative banner of American Federalism - the other half of the equation I mentioned above. Such a prospect is daunting, but we take heart that there is a rich tradition of highly successful third parties in American politics.

In case you weren't aware, or thought that was a joke, the GOP is the most successful third party in our history, and provides a great model for conservative thinkers who want more out of their party.

I'm eager to keep the conversation going, but before we get too far ahead, I want to pause and get my brothers on the blog. Until then, I remain your obedient and faithful servant,

A. Hamilton, aka The Monarchist

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