Friday, May 12, 2006

Step aside, gentlemen, let's talk about ME

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to talk about, well, me.

First off you should know that I ain't gonna wax all eloquent on ya much simply because I've done it before and I found it a wanting style not really suited for this day and age. Not that I don't have an appreciation for that style, I do!....ain't nothin' runs a chill up my spine no quicker than to read the immortal words of our founding fathers, except of course the crack of the pads on an autumn Friday night in rural Oklahoma as I witness the tailback from my favorite H.S. team plow over the opposition's middle-linebacker to begin a sixty yard gallop to the endzone. Smash-Mouth-Football - now that's what I'm talkin' about!!!

Okay, settle down, Webster!

Oh yes, as I was can call me Daniel Webster, Webster, Daniel, Dan, Danny-boy, or whatever, I don't really give a hoot. But my name, for our purposes here, is Daniel Webster, got it?.....OK. I bear only slight resemblances to the portrait I have posted on my profile (Thank you Mr. Adams!), so to look upon it will simply give you a pretty poor impression of what it is I really look like if that's what you want to know - just the way I wants it. And hey, there just ain't much left to the imagination when someone posts a real picture of himself, now is there? So you see, you might apply the same principles here as you would with reading a book vs. watching the movie version, if you're catching my drift.

So, what have I disclosed about myself thus far? Let's review.

My name is Daniel Webster, I hail from Oklahoma and I like to incorporate a little okie slang into my writings. I'm also prone to make use of the double-negative, and such as that from time to time - don't be offended by it, it's just who I am. I bear only slight resemblances to the real Daniel Webster whose portrait I have posted on my profile page. I love a little smash-mouth-football. I prefer to keep my identity undisclosed for purposes Mr. Hamilton has already discussed, and, well....that's about as far as we've gotten, isn't it.

What else, what else?

Oh, I share with my brothers, and they are my brothers,! a deep love for this country, its people, its institutions, and an unquenchable desire to see it return to the days of Liberty through self-government. My view can be summed up this way ~ there can be no lasting liberty where self-government in its fullest extent is non-existent, or virtually non-existent. In other words I theorize that the amount of liberty a nation enjoys is directly proportional, as with individuals, to the extent that nation's people are self-governed. My own personal perspective on liberty is one that stands in stark contrast to that which we commonly hear today. Self-government is a huge part of it! Indeed, it is the sum and substance of it.... that is "governing" oneself, one's own affairs, one's own negotiations, one's passions, emotions, monetary transactions, family matters, providing for the welfare of one's own children, their educations, food, clothing, shelter, and so on and so forth. That, in short, is what "self-government" means to me; that, in short, is the kind of liberty our forefathers founded this country on. The long of it, I suppose we'll get around to by the by.

A few words about my brothers:

First, I want to thank Mr. Hamilton for exercising a little leadership, and starting up this blog. You will note right away that Mr. Hamilton is a natural-born-leader (that which I admire most about him), and anyone who possesses such leadership qualities and the frame of mind, moral qualities, skill for communicating thoughts, etc., of our Mr. Hamilton, should never leave his talents and giftings laying up in a napkin. What can I say about Mr. Adams except that he is absolutely right, you don't want to get him started! But I tell ya what, I love to get him started if I can. This man possesses a mastery of the language, writing skills, and a wit t'boot, that is just uncanny. As for Cap, he too has a style of writing and a manner of expression which is unique and quite impressive. And if you really want to test 'im, which you don't, just make the mistake of feigning an understanding of logic. My advice would be not to test him, but I know how y'all are so I'll just sit back and snicker whenever the first fool comes along and fails to heed my advice. Elsewise alls I can say is God Bless these fine gentlemen! I have a deep respect, which only continues to grow by the day, for each and every one of 'em. I guarantee you, my friends, they shall not let ya down....they are "all they're cracked up to be."

In closing let me say that I'm excited and honored to be a contributor to this blog. My brothers have set the bar pretty bloomin' high, and I hope I can rise to their level in posting my future contributions. I have any number of things I'd like to discuss and share my ideas on, and I'll do my very best, I promise.

See y'all soon,

~Daniel Webster


The Monarchist said...

Folks, let me tell you a thing or two about our dear D. Webster. This is the single most self-sufficient, self-governing person I have ever met, hands down. He's also a great businessman, father and husband, and devout Christian. Yes, I want to be like him, and if anybody's got a problem with that, we can meet at the bike rack after class.

Anonymous said...

Hallo I absolutely adore your site. You have beautiful graphics I have ever seen.