Friday, June 01, 2007

AFB Update

I spent a fair amount of time updating the "labels" of the blog in the past few days, and the observant among you will notice some new ones. I went back through the archives and tried to do some organizing.

And we're on track for a good 2007, at least after a slow start to the year. We're now, what, 54 posts into the year, and we had 104 in all of 2006 (although, again, the observant among you might point out that 2006 was an abbreviated year. To which I say: whatever!). OK, so that's just the salesman in me, tracking our activity, but what can I say? I like reports.

Here's a thought I had earlier: can we put out an APB on Fred Thompson? I wish he'd get in if he's going to get in.

Here's another thought I had earlier: the way Bush has been attacking the GOP base (read: conservatives) is really starting to work my last nerve. Didn't we do everything we could to elect this guy - twice - and this is how he says thank you? If he leaves office and we haven't been attacked again, that's a huge feather in his cap. But this administration has fallen short in every area but two: the aforementioned security department and just as importantly, getting Alito and Roberts on the bench. Both accomplishments make him just a cut above his old man - so far - but these guys have both squandered the unity and momentum that the party gained between 1980-1988 (remember "read my lips, no new taxes?").

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