Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hot Off the Presses

Tim Maguire, AP writer is reporting in a story released yesterday here that Senator Kennedy of Massachusetts said Monday that:

failing to pass immigration reforms would push illegal immigrants into isolation and create breeding grounds for homegrown terrorists.

Are y'all getting this? Let me break it down for you:

'Failure to pass immigration reforms;' that is failure to pass the Senate amnesty bill will result in, according to the senior Senator from Massachusetts, pushing illegal immigrants into isolation, and this in turn will create breeding grounds for homegrown terrorists.

Is there no limit to which these people will resort to get their measures passed? Do tell Mr. Kennedy, why is it necessarily that failure to pass amnesty legislation for illegal Mexican nationals will result in what you're saying? Once more I ask you, Sir, why is it that passage of the Senate's legislation would prevent these things from happening?

And he and the President are all chummy on this'n too. I'm so glad to see that Senator Kennedy was finally killed by the President's early kindess toward him, aren't you? Some folks are just hard sells I guess.

Sometimes I wonder whether these folks have any clue as to how the cause/effect relationship works. If a free people decide that they're not comfortable with granting a huge number of illegals and other immigrants amnesty and effective citizenship status this means of course that their isolationist tendencies will create related short and long term problems for themselves that they just cannot foresee, nor that they can deal with effectively when the proverbial crap hits the fan.

So we have to yield to them through our great and illustrious Senate, the members of which we've elected to grab us by the collective hand and pull us out of the way of the oncoming danger. We should be good little children and obey our parents who know better than we do about these things because after all they're of course more knowledgable in these areas than we little people are.

But these people have no predisposition to preference to their own ethnicity do they? Most certainly not! They come to America in droves because they're freedom loving, fair minded people just like you and me. They're just trying to escape the impoverished state they found themselves in (through no fault of their own) in their native country.

But wait! Weren't they isolated there, from their non freedom loving brethren? Weren't the actual 'breeding grounds' for 'homegrown' terrorists created in the country that isolated them from the blessings of liberty that extremist American isolationists are so immorally protective over?

Somehow I'm reminded of the immortal and the rather prophetic words of Noah Webster:

...Numbers of them come here with violent prejudices against arbitrary government, and they seem to make no great distinction between arbitrary government and a government of laws founded on free elections.

One wonders whether our 'leaders' know the difference.


Call Me Mom said...

One tends to think that a significant percentage of these illegals fall under the category of terrorists already(Think MS-13). I cannot imagine how an ill considered rush towards turning them into citizens will turn their hearts away from their lives of crime.

In the article, Mr. Kennedy says:
"Why is it that virtually no Muslims in India are members of al-Qaida. Has anybody asked that question?," Kennedy asked. "It's because they all feel they're included."

I'm afraid my tolerance for illogic has been reached. I am flabbergasted that Mr. Kennedy would even suggest such a thing. Perhaps Mr. Kennedy should do a bit more research before making such statements. Perhaps he should re-visit the 2002 violence for instance, in which:

"More than 850 people have been killed in the Western state of Gujarat in the past two months, most of them Muslims. Unofficial estimates have put the death toll as high as 2,000. The violence began on February 27 after a Muslim mob in the town of Godhra attacked and set fire to two carriages of a train carrying Hindu activists. Fifty-eight people were killed.

Starting February 28, 2002, a three-day retaliatory killing spree by Hindus left hundreds dead and tens of thousands homeless and dispossessed. The looting and burning of Muslim homes, businesses, and places of worship was also widespread. Muslim girls and women were brutally raped. Mass graves have been dug throughout the state. Gravediggers told Human Rights Watch that bodies keep arriving, burnt and mutilated beyond recognition. "


This indicates that India is highly intolerant of terrorism by Muslims and will defend itself against such inroads.

Even so this article:

"July 13, 2006

Al Qaeda surfaces in Kashmir
Praise for the Mumbai bombings and a call for Indian Muslims to wage jihad. Jammu-Kashmir Jihad Update from IANS, with thanks to Jeffrey Imm:

Srinagar, July 13 (IANS) A statement faxed to the office of a local news agency here Thursday announced the formation of Al Qaeda's Jammu and Kashmir unit.
The group's spokesperson identifying himself as Abu Al-Hadeed also phoned the Current News Service saying: 'Jammu and Kashmir Al Qaeda group has been formed with Abu Abdul Rahman Ansari as its chief.'

'Those who carried out the blasts needed to be encouraged as the bombings targeted those who had oppressed Muslims in India,' he said.

The statement 'appreciated recent serial bombings in Mumbai and expressed pleasure at the serial blasts'.

It also called upon 'Indian Muslims to rise in Jehad in favour of Islam and freedom' and said the 'objectives of the group would be made public soon as the foundation of the group had been laid today in Jammu and Kashmir'."


indicates that Al Qaeda is infiltrating India.

How in the world does this man continue to be electable in the minds of Mass. voters?

Samuel Adams said...

It's stuff like this that makes me want to strap a bomb to myself and blow myself up ... just myself, noone else.

Samuel Adams said...

Actually, that reminds me. This morning, I heard something about an idea brewing in the Pentagon centered around the idea of granting full citizenship to illegal aliens (and their families perchance) if they were to be so kind as to sign up for 2 years of military servitude to the United States.

I believe this is the answer to the question: "What is the fastest way to grow Al-Q cells within your own military?" I will try to find the story ... ah, here 'tis...


Michael Tams said...

Kennedy The Lesser confirms once and for all what a traitor he is.

Not surprised, yet disgusted.


P.S. Mom, wouldn't you just love to debate one of these idiots?

P.P.S. Samuel, you're a student of history... didn't the Greeks or Romans do something similar with disastrous consequences, or am I just thinking of a screenplay that I should write?

Samuel Adams said...

If I am, then I'm one of the miscreants in the back row hurling spitballs at the backs of you geniuses up front with your arms constantly in the air, "Pick me, Mrs. Crabapple, I'm ever so smart!"

I was in fact the Romans.

Although the Spartans did hire Persian mercenaries and triremes to finally conquer the Athenians and "end" the "Peloponnesian" War, the Greeks would need to reunify to defeat the Persians--again--but under the strong and brutal arm of a Macedonian.

A dozen decades or so later (either my math or my history is foggy here), the Romans assimilated the Greeks, who they considered to be a far better culture than their own. Eventually, as I said, the Romans grown fat, corrupt, and overweening, began to founder in the face of the onslaught of the barbarian hordes, panicked, and hastened their doom partly by hiring foreign legions who had not sworn due alegiance.

Sorry for going long there. Next session will be short, but don't forget to study, there will be a test.

Samuel Adams said...

I was not the Romans. IT was in fact the Romans. I was in fact a Republican.

Michael Tams said...


As I thought, and thanks for the refresher history lesson. It might benefit the readership to do brief pieces on the great Republics and how they failed (from not protecting their borders and culture). Not that I'm handing out assignments or anything, after all you're the Prof.

LOL, I didn't think you was the Romans.


Daniel Webster said...

Why does he keep using the past tense? hmmm. ;)

Daniel Webster said...

Oh yeah, ditto here on the short history lessons. And I am handing out assignments to the professor. After all, professor, we ain't payin' you the big bucks, nor were you provided a classroom and a podium to horde all that knowledge unto yourself. ;)