Thursday, June 07, 2007

Great News You Can Use

Although the battle isn't over, this is a win for reason and common sense, and I just might sleep better tonight knowing that the push for amnesty for 20 million illegals is headed for defeat.

I'd add an obligatory comment about checking out Ann Coulter's latest columns on the immigration issue. She's spot-on, as usual.

You know, I was offended when the President and the rest of the Bushbots (credit to Savage for that term) attacked the base as racists, bigots, and unreasonable. What I forgot was: name calling is a sure sign of someone losing an argument!

Chalk one up for the nativists, bigots and reactionaries!


Call Me Mom said...

I know I'm sleeping better for that news. Now if we can just get funding for ICE...

Samuel Adams said...
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