Thursday, June 07, 2007

Property Rights and the Kelo Effect

Here's an interesting one...

Take a gander at Stolemyland, a site that I was turned on to. As you can guess by the name, this site is devoted to eminent domain abuses in Independence, MO.

Hat tip to Samuel Adams.

I e-mailed Tom Scott of Stolemyland and he was kind enough to write me back. Kelo was one of those turning points (exhibit A: this blog) that we both curse and bless. Well, I won't speak for Tom (though I'm guessing he's not doing a whole lot of blessing), but personally it was one of the best and worst days I can remember.

In turn, Kelo has spawned a lot of grass-roots activism, a little something I call "taking our country back from the elites." If you're so inclined (and here comes another pitch), check out The Sam Adams Alliance, an organization dedicating to connecting local leaders on a national level, and one sorely unaware of the consequences of not using the proper "Samuel."

I suppose we all need a gentle reminder now and again that if government is abusive or just plain unaccountable, we're the ones who have the power to change that.

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