Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Revolutionary Concept

So here we are. The sell-out of America continues, as the amnesty bill is back in play. And this AP article almost speaks glowingly of Bush - which should be a very large, very bright, red flag when the President's agenda fits nicely with the MSM.

Yes, we need to call, fax and e-mail our "representatives." As a smart fellow (you know who you are; and where ya been?) once suggested, a good-old fashioned tar-and-feathering probably wouldn't hurt either.

A caller to the Hugh Hewitt show last night who hates the bill wondered aloud if the best thing for America might be having the bill pass. The American people would soon bear the brunt of this foolish and destructive bill, and in utter disgust, roundly turn out all of the crooks who voted for it. Dean Barnett (sitting in for Hugh) doubted this "winning-by-losing" outlook, but I can think of examples of great wrongs (Kelo, as a prime example) resulting in positive ends (the states taking aggressive action in the aftermath to protect private property rights).

Of course, "winning-by-losing" may just be wishful thinking, and shouldn't stop people from burying their "representatives" in calls, etc. Yet, hasn't history proven to us that all things serve the Lord? Even great evils, although unwittingly, work towards His purposes.

Taxation without Representation, anyone?


Terry Morris said...

MT, I've mentioned before that the Okla. State Legislature took aggressive measures on this immigration deal during their last session, and that those laws, which consist mainly in removing the incentives for illegals to come and reside here, are scheduled to go into effect Nov. 1st this year.

I have a theory about the rush of the Senate to get something passed, even if it means (which apparently it does - something to build on, eh, El Presidente?) a watered down version...

The Senate realizes what the State of Oklahoma has done in this regard, and probably what other States are doing or considering doing. The rush then is to keep the States from guiding national policy on this issue. This is perceived at the national level as a threat to their power...which it most certainly is.

As it should be.

So long as it doesn't comport to Oklahoma's new legislation on immigration, I'm agin' it.

Samuel Adams said...

Heavens to murgatroid, Batman! I hadn't quite thought of that linkage, Mike (something must be wrong with me). The intransigence of the federal comissars in the face of ... the dissent of the majority? ... is likened to the tyranny of the throne across the sea a quarter millenium ago on so many levels.

One obvious difference is that the eyes and the ears of the "throne" in our day are everywhere and ever watchful. King George (wow, that name sounds familiar, too) often didn't hear about rebellious events until weeks later.

It is a thing at the same time fascinating and fearful.