Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Immigration Question, Part II

TM, you know, the "squandered inheritance" line of thinking in your post jogged my memory a bit. I went back and found this piece that I read recently by the incomparable Mark Steyn. You can read the whole thing here, but I'll excerpt the best of it below.

Says the man:

Faced with a sustained systemic assault on US sovereignty, the federal government simply surrendered - and, in effect, sued for terms. Last year’s offer was rejected as being unacceptable to the vast legions of the “undocumented” and so, for example, the requirement to pay three out of five years’ back taxes was replaced by a total tax amnesty.

But just so we’re all clear what happened: An army of peasants defeated the soi-disant hyperpower. America’s closest allies - the Australians, say – periodically seek some modest advantage for their citizenry in return for their steadfast support, and generally get nowhere. But a population the size of Australia’s simply moved across the border and, despite huge public hostility to the strains imposed on local education and health care, the US government simply shrugged: There’s nothing we can do except give in.

Steyn goes on to discuss our problem as the template for subverting a nation's sovereignty, and makes the same point you make, TM: that those who are smart enough to recognize this aren't recognizing it.

But they're not stupid, the elites (well, those that think being "compassionate" to invaders is more important than American sovereignty are stupid). They simply have sold out American sovereignty for cheap labor. It's pathetic, and part of the problem is the enormous mountain of restrictions and government interference in how a business operates in the first place. Also, courtesy of the elites.

Anyone surprised that in the latest Gallup Poll Americans gave Congress a 14% approval rating?


Michael Tams said...

P.S. Was I the only one surprised to learn of the total tax amnesty, btw?

Call Me Mom said...

No, Mr. tams, cowardice runs amok.

I find that I am tired of the tactics of appeasement, both on a personal level and that of government. I have been burning my bridges this week, so I am feeling somewhat reckless.
There is a point at which I can rationalize and forgive, but there is a limit to how much harm I am willing to absorb for someone else's lack of spine. I think our elected representatives need to get that message.

Terry Morris said...

Mom, I think it's more than a lack of spine, but also on the parts of many a lack of allegiance to the cause of liberty. There's probably several different reasons for this, but my suspicion is that in the main our elected leaders probably possess a rather deficient understanding of the idea of liberty. Hence, their allegiances lie elsewhere.

And I wouldn't worry too much about those bridges you've been burning lately. I suspect, given what I know of you, they probably connect to roads leading to nowhere, or to those paved with good intentions. And you know where those roads lead.;)

Terry Morris said...

ummm, uh, let me clarify, Mom. That didn't come out exactly as I intended it now that I've re-read it.

What I meant to say was given what I know of your character and discernment, you probably recognized that those bridges were leading to nowhere prior to burning them and just hesitated to do so know what, just forget I said anything. lol

MT, have you noticed that our initials are the same in reverse?

Thanks for the post, btw, and for providing the link to Steyn's piece. And I'm happy to hear that mine, which derived most of its inspiration from elsewhere, was chiefly responsible for the inspiration behind this one. I think that's the way it oughta work, don't you?

And, no; you're not the only one. I didn't realize this either.

Michael Tams said...

TM, I have noticed, and also find it funny that I used to go by "The Monarchist" - TM, of all things. Not intended that way, of course.

BTW, what you said was better the second time around, although we all knew what you were saying.

Indeed, let's pray that every little inspiration eventually ignites the fires of imagination and determination throughout the Republic.


Samuel Adams said...

And if I squint really hard, you both kind of look like what my first born twins might look like, whenever my wife and I decide to start multiplyin' that is. The coincidences just never fail to scare the livin' bejesus outa me.

Odd-man-out, but not for long

Call Me Mom said...

I thank you for your support Mr. Morris.

The first bridge was a duty to my community. Calling upon the school board to correct the policy that led to my "In Loco Parentis" post to be exact. I ended it with this quote from Mr. Franklin:" Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

The second is a call to a member of a particular organization to define where he stands. Both felt like I was standing up in a crowd and saying "but he has no clothes!"

"...mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed." ~D.O.I.

Mr. Adams, I would not wish twins on your wife the first time around. My grandmother did that and never had any more-lol.

Samuel Adams said...

And yes, I meant to say "Jestfully," instead of "Justfully."

"Ah, but who will police the police?"