Monday, June 18, 2007

Observations on the Slave Trade

WARNING, the following may contain mild outbursts of well-placed adult language.

What a fascinating universe we mortals find ourselves hurtling through! Experts scoffed at mile-per-minute human travel, warning that the traveller's face would peel off precisely at 60 mph. Then they said heavier-than-air flight was a pipedream, and now our economy cannot survive without it. (Free peoples are such enterprising, barrier-breaking bastards, aren't they!)

But what I find peculiar is a more persistant habit we humans can't shake; the strange mixture of pride and forgetfulness. How often has one society conquered some evil, just to fall to some other evil, and have that evil vanquished by another society, but you look around, and that one's gone, too?

If you look at the big picture, you just have to laugh at the Allies of 1918. "Oh yeah, scoreboard! This'll never happen again, not in a million years!" (sound of one person clapping slowly) Bravo, fellas. Bra-vo.

But let's take it back about fifty years. The War on Slavery (thank you publik skool) was an unmitigated success, right? Slavery is dead forever, at least in North America ... right? Hmm, oh we forgot to let vote and otherwise participate in America. Happy belated greetings, anyway. Okay, NOW we're done with slavery.

If it seems like I'm going all catty-wumpus, meandering through so many corners of my mind, let me tell you something; I was going to have a nice, orderly piece on immigration and the borders, but some people just won't listen.

Answer me this: What does the federal government think we are? What does Trent Lott think of us?

I'm sure senators on both sides of the aisle are being pounded by these talk-radio people who don't even know what's in the bill...leadership will have to be prepared to do what needs to be done.

What the hell is THAT supposed to mean? Do "senators on both sides of the aisle" only listen to "talk-radio people" and completely ignore their constituency, or is it just you, Trenton?

Poor Mr. Martinez, the RNC Chairperson must feel just like Stalin as he signed that treaty with Germany. This is Martinez's quote, not Stalin's: "It gives people confidence that security really will be there."

Lord knows D. Crockett had to deal with some corazones grandes in his day. Of course, most in the D/RNC are Stalinists in the end.


Call Me Mom said...

Perhaps Mr. Lott ought to be thanking "these talk radio people" for disseminating legislative news in a way that causes the people to get involved and take their rightful place in the legislative process.

Perhaps the president should try funding the programs we already have in order to deal with this problem instead of asking for fast track legislation to try and deal with a problem that perhaps wouldn't exist but for the lack of funding to our current immigration enforcement personnel.

Since when is it Mr. Bush's job to "deliver at least 70 GOP votes to win passage for legislation that is sure to split the Democratic caucus." Am I missing something? I thought it was our elected official's job to represent US and provide checks and balances to the three branches of government.

Maybe it's just me, but I wonder what's in that energy bill they need to "complete work on" before they can deal with this again.

Michael Tams said...


Interesting comparison, my friend.

Oh, Mom, you're such a worry-wart. I'll tell you what's in the energy bill: $$$. What will it be exchanged for? Votes. Quite possibly the 60 needed to get legislation passed.

You and those talk radio people! Why can't you just pipe down and let the elites make all of the decisions?


(I joke, I kid...)

Daniel Webster said...

"You and those talk radio people! Why can't you just pipe down and let the elites make all of the decisions?"

You know what the man said, brother:

"free peoples are such enterprising bearier-breaking b*stards, aren't they!"

Not a very comfortable bunch to be surrounded by and dependent on when one finds himself amongst the elite classes. I guess that's why the elite, ahem, "leadership" feel it necessary to try to pipe us down.

Good post my friend!

Daniel Webster said...

Y'know I got to thinking about it and Senator Lott may just as well have said "...these blogger people..." It would have been the same thing.

Now, not only does it upset me that I mangled Samuel's phrase with a misspelling, but I'm really wanting to give Senator Lott a good piece of my mind!

*Warning: the comments section of this post may henceforth contain mild outbursts of well-placed adult language.