Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It Was Only a Matter of Time

Before some barely functional idiots played the race card for soon-to-be convict Rep. William Jefferson. Yes, the 16-count indictment was a big set-up because Jefferson is a black Democrat. And I'm a 20-game winner for the New York Yankees. Also, I'm a black Democrat.

This guy took a half million in bribes and they're raising money for his legal defense fund??

(slaps forehead)

As long as you hold the Liberal line (abortion on demand, redistribution of wealth and national health care), can you basically get away with anything and still have supporters? The Right would have thrown this guy under the bus a long time ago.

It appears that "no" is the answer to the question: is there any end to our collective stupidity?

P.S. I promised you a trade policy piece, but don't hold your breath. It may be a couple of days, since I plan on getting a pair of eyes (or two) to look it over.

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