Saturday, June 09, 2007

New Links

I've linked up some new blogs. Well, they're actually some old blogs, but I've finally gotten around to linking them up. Most of them have some immigration focus to them, as important an issue now and going forward as just about any.

We're all grown-ups, so don't be surprised if the language is rougher at these sites than what you get here at the AFB. The substance is what counts, and the substance is good.

P.S. Katie's Dad was right - a while back (probably months ago) I commented on his blog about something that I was wrong on. I see that now. Pat Buchanan showed me the error of my ways.


Call Me Mom said...

Good to see Vanishing American's blog listed.

Daniel Webster said...


Credit where credit is due. Speaking for myself, I had no idea that VA's blog even existed until you informed me otherwise. And as you say, it's nice to see VA's blog listed...

There's an endearing quality to his writings that I've yet to attain to -endearing in the sense that it's a level I aspire to reach someday. Endearing also in the sense that I've noted a freedom, a verve, something in the way he writes that makes me covet that which he has in the way in which he shares ideas in the face of the "we'll tolerate anything but sanity" crowd.

If you'll excuse me now, I've got a lot of hard work ahead of me. ;)

Thanks, Mom. And thanks to you, MT. I'm absolutely convinced that this very blog and the "balanced" ideas it is primarily here to convey are of vital import to this common effort.

Michael Tams said...


I second Webster here, thanks for pointing out VA to us; I'm already better for it.

Thanks for the kind words, DW, no secret to you how much that means to me. I should probably thank you for most of the ideas here, too, of which I've lifted quite a few from our off-blog conversations!


Daniel Webster said...

Well now, that's probably one of the best compliments I've ever received. And coming from you, Mike, it means a lot more to me than it would from most, believe me.

But we've discussed this before. The ideas I've shared with you off-blog are in no way properly my own. They are the ideas of our founding fathers, and of subsequent generations of Americans who held them. They belong to all Americans as a unique heritage. And are therefore offered freely and in a spirit consistent (I hope) with the founders' vision.

You can lift as many of them as you desire and as often as you like, as I've taken liberty to lift them from our predecessors. I don't think our founders would mind anymore than I do as long as they're communicated in the spirit in which they were originally intended.

rock on! ;)