Saturday, June 16, 2007

Father's Day 2007

In case I don't get a chance tomorrow, what with all the festivities and partying that'll be going on, LOL: Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.

This is my fourth glorious Father's Day, and I thank God each and every single day for blessing me with two wonderful children, without whom I would be less of a person today. Thank you, Mrs. T., for your part in giving me such an amazing gift.


Daniel Webster said...

I too would like to wish a Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there. Particularly those dads who've put extraordinary effort into raising outstanding children.

And a special thanks goes out to my dad. Truly one of the finest people I know.

But Dad, you may well have been prophetic some years ago when you first said: "I think I've raised a monster." ;)

Thanks Dad!

Vanishing American said...

MT and DW, Happy Father's Day to you both and to all dads.

Anonymous said...

Yes Happy Father's Day to you all. America thanks you for your outstanding efforts!

Michael Tams said...

Thanks for visiting, Anonymous, and for the well-wishes.

I'll speak for the rest of the boys here when I say: we're animated by a love for our Country. May God continue to bless this great Republic and all of Her patriots.


Daniel Webster said...

Amen MT, you took the words right outta my...heart.

And do visit us again, Anonymous!


Samuel Adams said...

This is my fourth Father's Day without Dad. A colleague of mine shares the very same sorrow, for she lost her father in the same year of 2003 that I had lost mine. While I feel that I have moved on with life fairly healthily, she admits that she is slow in her grief, though she appears to be at least as far as I.

We have spoken of our fathers often in the past year, but what I took this Father's Day opportunity to tell her was this: we cannot blame others for celebrating this holiday with their fathers, they ought to celebrate it s fully as they can. There are many out there who do not have a relationship with their fathers who yet live, or their relationship is a bad one. I choose to make Father's Day another Memorial Day. For is it not the purpose of this holiday for Americans to thank Providence, the Father Above, for the blessing of such a great Dad when he was here and the impact that endures long after he has gone?

His name was George.

Happy Father's Day, Dad.
I love you, and I'll see you soon.

Michael Tams said...


A very touching tribute. Judging by the "good fruits" evident in you, he must have been an amazing man and father.


Daniel Webster said...

A very touching tribute indeed, MT.

Samuel, my wife lost her dad back in 2000, so she can identify with you very much I'm sure. And in certain ways I too can identify knowing how close to her father my wife was, and how difficult life without him was for her in the three or four years immediately following his death. There were times during that period that she'd seem a little distant so I'd ask what was wrong. Eventually she shared that she'd get to missing her dad on occasion and this would put her in an apparent state of unhappiness.

I suppose one never gets over the loss of a parent, but with my wife the passage of time has helped at least to make the loss of her dad more tolerable.

Thanks for making those of us who still have our dads mindful of what a blessing that is.


Samuel Adams said...

Your friendship, gentlemen, has been a very special boon to me.

Of course, I am remiss in wishing you both a happy Father's Day. But I let 'er fly anyway. To hear you speak of your progeny, they seem to bring you joy all the year long.