Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lest I Forget...

Just a couple of unrelated things I wanted to touch on tonight, so bear with me.

Have we mentioned the "Subjects of Interest" page we've created? And by "we" I mean our Chief Technology Officer? LOL. It's along the left of the blog, and we've decided we'll maybe dedicate some more items to that page. Right now, all you'll see there is our position statement on the border/immigration, plus a pretty eye-opening video.

If our CTO keeps up all these cool innovations, I might just have to double his salary.

Not that anybody cares, but I'm leaning towards Duncan Hunter. I think he's my guy for the primary. He's right on all the issues, including the border. BTW, sign his petition on border enforcement! Thank God my state isn't the lowest for petition signers. I'd like him to abolish the Department of Education, but maybe his "streamline" is just that. I'll probably link him up on the site, if for no other reason than I can, LOL.


Terry Morris said...

With regard to the new feature(s) we've added, look for additional "subjects of interest" under that heading coming to a blog near you very soon. Just click on the subject of (your particular) interest and you'll be taken to that page.

Concurrently while working on adding new subjects of interest we're also working on upgrading the existing page with a video under production as we sp...I write. I've already seen the first part of the video which is complete with sound and so far it's looking (and sounding) very promising.

Doing our best to make ol' Samuel proud.


Samuel Adams said...

You know me, Mr. Morris, I'm giddy as a schoolgirl with anticipation.

Don't make me giggle.

Call Me Mom said...

Kudos to your webmaster. He's doing a fine job.