Friday, June 15, 2007

The Sell-Out of America

The filthy, self-serving elites in the Senate are at it again, as the amnesty bill that was temporarily knocked down has been regenerated like some ghastly corpse from a George Romero movie.

Time once again to get on the phones and fire off e-mails to our "representatives" and let them know how we feel. They heard from enough of us last time to shelve the issue. This time, it will go to a vote. I'm sure Ted Stevens will have an amendment for some of yours and my tax money to go to Alaska in exchange for his vote. There's a good chance they'll get the 60 votes they need if we don't do our job and flood them with feedback about how much this legislation stinks.

The disgusting and shameful sell-out of America continues. See my post here for what real immigration reform should look like: phased and measurable, not "comprehensive."

God save these United States.

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